Thursday, 16 February 2012

Lowick (St. Peter's)

Lowick gets four stars from Simon Jenkins. Somehow I only managed to get this rather poor shot of the exterior, which doesn't really capture the majesty of the church with its eight fluttering weathervanes. I did manage to get some nice photos of the inside though regret not getting more of the 13th century glass.



  1. These are wonderful photos. My husband is an architect so every vacation seems to involve looking at buildings. May I please have permission to use your photo of the marble couple in death at my blog.

  2. Hi Norma,

    Sorry about the slow reply. Had "stuff" on this Easter.

    Many thanks for your kind comments. I'd been feeling a bit disheartened with doing this site. I have some more photos to add from other churches but wasn't sure it was worth the effort. I feel encouraged to carry on a bit now.

    Thanks for asking permission too. You may certainly use the photos at your blog. If there is a simple way to credit me that would be appreciated, but I know that's not always possible or messes up the aesthetic so don't worry if that wouldn't really work.

    Kind regards,