Thursday, 28 July 2011

St Wulfran's, Ovingdean, Sussex

St Wulfran's, OvingdeanI came across this one quite by accident, it's 11th century Norman, and quite a nice little church. Sadly I could't look round even though someone was in the building, presumably for security reasons. I can fully understand why the staff of this church follow this policy, as attacks on the clergy sadly do happen. It's a shame though that the tiny minority cause such fear as to spoil it for the rest of us, and that the church isn't open except for a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon in the summer.The the church's website has a good bit on the church's history, although that only serves to make me regret even more not being able the inside. The Kempe Ceiling looks spectacular, and the altar is also very lovingly decorated. Perhaps next time I'm in Brighton I'll make sure I get there on a Saturday afternoon.

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